Novated Leasing Car Makes and Models

  • Novated Leasing car makes and models differ depending on the lender and on your employer. With Automotive Lease Packaging you have a choice of maintained packages that are designed to meet both your budget and needs. As a full time employee, you will benefit greatly from a Novated Lease by sacrificing some of your pre-tax salary. Full time Australian employees are also eligible for a Novated Lease when purchasing their next vehicle.
  • Save money with a Novated Lease by Automotive Lease Packaging

  • Not only is a Novated Lease a tax-effective way to lease your vehicle through an agreed deducted payment from your salary, but you can also save thousands of dollars on your next car. Additionally, a Novated Lease has benefits that help both you and your employer!
  • The best part of a Novated Lease is that you have the freedom to choose the car you Novate. This let’s you choose the make and model in conjunction with your budget whilst ALP can assist with any queries or questions you may have. We provide Novated Leasing on many Australian and international models; from high-performance vehicles, luxury sedans, sports cars, family Sports Utility Vehicles (SUV’s) and convertibles, we’ve got you covered. We understand that the best part about a new car is choosing the one you want! Below is our comprehensive list of  Novated Leasing car makes and models: