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Novated Lease Get Started

We have a list of steps that will take you from the start of the process to see if a Novated Lease is right for you, through to you driving your new car.

  1. Confirm with your employer that you are eligible to salary package a Novated Lease.
  2. Estimate the number of kilometres that the car will travel per year and work out your gross salary per year.
  3. Select a vehicle and get a price from your Dealer or use our car buying service for a price.
  4. Contact Automotive Lease Packaging and ask for a Novated Lease quote .
  5. Your Finance Consultant will provide a quote that will include finance and operating costs of the car. The quote will show you cost savings and the effect to your salary.
  6. Once you decided to precede sign the quote with your employer and return to your Finance Consultant.
  7. Next is your finance application, this can be done via the telephone with your Finance Consultant and will take only ten minutes. Make sure you have two current payslips or a signed employment contract and a copy of your current drivers licence at hand.
  8. Once finance is approved we will order your car from the dealer, generally a refundable holding deposit is required and you will need to sign a vehicle contract and vehicle registration paperwork.
  9. Once the car is in stock finance contracts will be drawn up by your Finance Consultant for you and your employer to sign and return back with any other required supporting documents for your cars settlement.
  10. Once settlement has occurred your Finance Consultant will contact you and the Dealer and you can then collect your new car.
  11. Within seven working days you will receive your drivers pack and fuels card.

We are often asked how quickly this process takes until you are driving your new car subject to vehicle delivery once you have signed your quote two or three business days.