Citroen C4 – Novated Lease

  • The Citroen C4 is a popular model with Australians, beloved for its design, sophisticated style and versatile interior. Whether being used for business or leisure, the Citroen C4 is versatile, fuel-efficient and is now affordable with Automotive Lease Packaging options.
  • If you are an Australian citizen, working fulltime, you can apply for an Citroen C4 Novated Lease from Automotive Lease Packaging. You will have unrestricted use of your Citroen C4 as you essentially own it. Unlike paying in one lump sum or resorting to a traditional bank loan with expensive overheads, an Citroen C4 Novated Lease is a legally binding contract between you, your employer and an Citroen C4 dealership, in which everyone can benefit. Having the advantage of personally choosing your car make and model, there is also the opportunity to pay for the lease and running costs of your vehicle through salary packaging. This is all paid before tax, which means obvious income tax savings associated with Citroen C4 car leasing. Australian citizens are urged to take up this fantastic offer if their employer provides it.
  • Affordable Citroen C4 car leasing for Australian fulltime employees

  • A Novated Lease from Automotive Lease Packaging is the best option when it comes to financing your Citroen C4. All you need to do is ask your employer if they offer staff salary packaging, and then speak to the experts at Automotive Lease Packaging who are committed to getting the best price and deal for your vehicle from an Citroen C4 dealership, so that you can own your own Citroen C4.
  • Using our Novated Lease Calculator, it is easy to find the best Citroen C4 Novated Lease package that will work best for you. Contact Automotive Lease Packaging today on 1300 309 343 to get started.
  • Specifications

  • Citroen C4 B7

    Attraction Hatchback 5dr Spts Auto 4sp 1.6i [Rel. Oct] $22,990.00

  • Citroen C4 B7 Seduction Hatchback 5dr Man 5sp 1.6i [Rel. Oct] $22,990.00
  • Citroen C4 B7 Seduction

    Hatchback 5dr Spts Auto 4sp 1.6i [Rel. Oct] $24,990.00

  • Citroen C4 B7 Exclusive

    Hatchback 5dr EGS 6sp 1.6T $31,990.00

  • Citroen C4 B7 e-HDi Exclusive Hatchback 5dr EGS 6sp 1.6DT [Rel. Oct] $32,990.00
  • Citroen C4 B7 HDi Exclusive Hatchback 5dr Man 6sp 1.6DT $31,990.00
  • Citroen C4 B7 e-HDi Seduction Hatchback 5dr EGS 6sp 1.6DT [Rel. Oct] $27,990.00
  • See below for a comprehensive list of Citroen C4 models that we provide with novated leases:
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