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About ALP employer services

Established in 2004, Automotive Lease Packaging Pty Ltd (ALP) provides car finance, vehicle procurement, leasing and fleet management for both private and business customers all around Australia. We specialise in providing the full suite of services related to novated leasing facilities for cars. We do not provide any other salary packaged goods and services directly.

ALP collaborates with a number of salary packaging companies to provide employees with a wide range of salary packaged goods and services. This enables us to concentrate on continuing to provide state of the art automotive leasing services.

Experienced in providing corporate services

ALP’s experience in providing effective services to public sector agencies, large organisations and SME’s are demonstrated by our many on-going contracts including:

ALP has been the sole supplier of self-managed lease services to Northern Health (Victoria) since 2008. Services to Northern Health employees are supplied subject to a head agreement. Northern Health is currently in the process of extending salary packaging opportunities to an additional 4,000 staff.

Take advantage of refined systems and services

ALP provides services for effective working arrangements and efficient systems including:

  • Regular management meetings and reporting, both electronic and paper based.
  • Effective communication and information flow with the HR Department.
  • Regular presentations to staff about our services.
  • Provision of an employer login to provide access to all employee details at any time.
  • Inclusion of ALP’s information, including tools and worksheets, on company intranet.
  • Provision of an online tracking system for employees.

Attractive, customised deals

Over 80% of our clients are not obligated through their employers to use ALP’s novated leasing services but choose to do so because we offer the most attractive, customised deals. Operating in this highly competitive part of the market ensures that ALP is constantly seeking better ways to meet the specific needs of each and every individual customer.

Customers love us

ALP’s capability to provide effective and efficient automotive leasing services is evidenced by our business doubling each year, 80% of our work arising through referrals and a customer retention rate of over 70%.

Approach to providing novated leasing services

ALP strives to be the Australian leader in all areas of car finance, procurement, fleet management and novated leasing whilst maintaining the highest levels of customer satisfaction. ALP’s business model directly addresses customer needs for transparency, multiple options, and minimised risk.

In addition ALP will offer the following features and services to provide optimal flexibility to your employees and the very best deals available in Australia:

  • We guarantee to obtain the best new car price for customers. If a cheaper written quote is obtained ALP will give a free vehicle protection pack when we order the vehicle.
  • Optimum vehicle replacement – we will advise customers of the ideal time to replace their vehicle with no out of pocket expense.
  • Residual value comparison – we will provide an estimate the future value of each vehicle to assist in the selection of an appropriate car and residual figure.
  • We are able to offer non-novated car loans and leasing, if this best suits customer circumstances.
  • ALP will provide much greater consumer protection because we operate under National Consumer Credit Protection (NCCP) Regulations, being a provider of consumer as well as commercial finance. (Australian Credit Licence Number 422347).
  • ALP is in the process of obtaining a Motor Vehicle Dealer’s Licence which will enable us to offer additional options to consumers including: higher trade-in values and provision of good used cars, if desired.

How it works

ALP’s Contract Manager will work closely with your Contract Manager to establish clear mutual expectations, KPIs and an effective system for working together.

  • ALP will inform and educate your employees via our website, online calculators, educational videos and site presentations.
  • Once an employee has been qualified by ALP, eligibility confirmed and a car identified, the ALP Contract Manager will liaise with your Contract Manager and/or Salary Packaging Team (SPT) to have the Deed of Novation signed.
  • Once the vehicle purchase has been settled, ALP will liaise with SPT to confirm the details of the lease and salary deductions. A post settlement check will be conducted following the employee’s first pay after receiving the car.  ALP will request permission to view the employee’s pay slip to confirm that the payroll setup is correct and that the correct deductions have been made. Any necessary adjustments will then be made with AFP SPT.
  • All expenses and actions are recorded in ALP’s management system daily and a monthly invoice issued to you.
  • Reporting will be undertaken according to your requirements.
  • After sales issues are managed as quickly and efficiently as possible by our professional sales team. In practice we find that such services are minimal because customers know exactly where they stand from the beginning.
  • Your employees will be able to manage their novated leases through ALP’s online interactive tracking system. (Attachment 3 contains examples of employee reports and a screen shot of the employee’s view.)
  • Similarly you will be able to login to a secure website, again hosted by ALP, to see all employee lease details at any time.

Exemplary customer focused service

ALP’s experienced sales staff will tailor car and finance packages to the employee’s specific needs taking into account their taxation benefits, cost effectiveness and vehicle desires. We will ensure that each employee is confident and capable of making an informed decision that best suits their personal circumstances and requirements.

ALP has built their business by providing exemplary customer focused service. Flexible lease options are central to our offerings and include our ability and willingness to:

  • Provide a range of different finance products depending on the customer’s financial circumstances and offer finance interest rates currently starting at 5.5%* - both are made possible through our financier panel.
  • s
  • Arrange finance for cars up to 10 years old and provide flexible terms from 1-5 years.
  • Advise employees on the ideal time to replace their vehicle with no out of pocket expense (Optimum vehicle replacement).
  • Provide a residual value comparison - we estimate the future value of each vehicle to assist in the selection of an appropriate car and residual figure.

Unique to ALP’s novated lease quotes is a transparent finance amortization schedule providing month by month information on interest charges, cumulative payments, payout amounts and the interest to be saved by early payout.

* typically a discounted rate which may not include no payout features and benefits.

Employer reports

Our system enables employers to obtain timely information, by email, hardcopy or direct viewing access, concerning all aspects of the automotive novated lease program including:

  • Fleet information for the planning and preparation of annual FBT returns (by the 21st of April each year) including:
    • The name and AFP employee number of each employee
    • The registration number of each novated vehicle leased by the employee during FBT year
    • The delivery date or lease commencement date for each vehicle
    • The planned lease expiry date
    • The termination date of any lease, where the lease was terminated or novated prior to the planned lease expiry date
    • The FBT base value of each vehicle; andoThe opening and closing odometer readings, for the FBT
  • Individual driver reports, which can be exported to an Excel spreadsheet to provide a monthly, or an annual, summary statement showing each employee’s budgeted versus actual expenditure for the period and any required adjustments or variances.

ALP is able to produce a range of other reports upon request at no additional cost.

Employee Reports

Individual employees will be provided with a regular Driver’s Report via email which can also be viewed online. This report will provide a monthly and annual statement of actual to budgeted expenses, highlighting any required adjustments or variances.

The reports will include the following expenses:  Management fees and charges; Lease and finance expenses; Service and maintenance; Fuel and consumables; Insurance, registration or roadside assistance in the month that they occur; and Other fees and charges.

Termination Reports

Upon termination of the employee’s participation or employment, ALP will provide a set of reports to both the employee and employer detailing the total of all costs and charges levied during the lease term, the total of all periodic instalments paid by the employer and any surplus owed to or deficit payable by the employee. This report will be provided as soon as practicable after the ALP become aware of the impending termination of the lease.

As a matter of course ALP also provides reports electronically, on the basis agreed with each of our customers. Novated lease documents are also forwarded electronically to our customers before the commencement of the arrangement and executed documents are forwarded within a reasonable time following execution by all parties.

Proposed KPIs and performance targets

Following is a substantial list of possible Key Performance Indicators and Minimum Performance Targets in relation to each. ALP is confident, based on our current performance, that we can achieve all of these targets.

ALP proposes that employers use this list as a starting point to identify their most important KPIs and targets. ALP looks forward to an opportunity to discuss these with you.

Key Performance Indicator
Minimum Performance Target
Request for Information package by employees (includes quote)
Must be dispatched within 24 hours
Access to online facility information – including novated lease quotation package (website)
Submisscion of Application
  • Credit Approval within 24 hours
  • Final accept / decline decision within 24 hours
  • Submission of completed salary deduction request no later than five business days prior to close of next payroll processing run.
Request for Financial Advice
Referral to approved adviser within 24 hours
Request for meeting with sales representative
Response within 24 hours
Reports must be made available on request by Contract Manager
Response within 24 hours
Dispatched within 48 hours
Request for Account Balance or projected FBT liability
Dispatched within 24 hours
Request for Termination Calculation
Supplied within 48 hours
General Service Complaint
  • Via email – dedicated complaint address, immediate acknowledgement
  • Via telephone – return acknowledgment within 2 hours.
  • Initial response to all complaints and an outline of handling process to be made within 48 hours of complaint receipt.
  • Follow up with clients to determine satisfaction with outcomes.
Request for variation in salary deduction
Submissions of completed salary deductions variations no later than five business days prior to next payroll processing run.
Notification of employee and employer in the event of actual expenditure exceeding budgeted
Employee and employer will be advised within 24 hours of discrepancy being identified.
Request for meeting with Client Services Manager
Response within 24 hours
Approval for vehicle service or repair
  • Approved / Associate Services within 2 hours
  • Ad hoc requests within 4 hours
Lease Termination variation processing
  • Dispatch of Termination Variation forms within 24 hours of request
  • Statement of final FBT balance within 24 hours of signed termination document
  • Cancellation of Salary deduction submission of completed salary deduction cessation no later than five business days prior to next payroll processing run
  • Final account statement within 24 hours of receipt of final paymentDispatch of Termination Variation forms within 24 hours of request
  • Statement of final FBT balance within 24 hours of signed termination document
  • Cancellation of Salary deduction submission of completed salary deduction cessation no later than five business days prior to next payroll processing run
  • Final account statement within 24 hours of receipt of final payment
FBT and Account reporting
  • Summary of account balance and FBT balance forms to be dispatched 2nd business after the end of the calendar month
  • FBT  projections requiring lessee actions to be followed days after the statement delivery
  • Returned to employees thought neutral accounting.
Fuel Card Issue
New Fuel cards to be issues at least ten business days prior to expiry of the existing card
Change of Lessee Details
Processes within two business days of receipt

Getting started

Upon award of contract, ALP’s Contract Manager will meet with you to clarify mutual expectations and KPIs, agree a reporting format and regularity, and agree systems and processes for working together effectively.