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Car Loans

Consumer Loan / Personal Lease (secured)

A Consumer Loan is for individuals who want to use their car for private usage, and for whom private ownership is important, we offer loans with or without balloon payments. By using a balloon value, you can reduce your repayments considerably and improve your cash flow.

Commercial Hire Purchase (CHP)

A Commercial Hire Purchase is for any business or individual in which the vehicle is used predominantly for business purposes. Regular repayments are made over the term, you can choose to finance the total purchase price or use a deposit or trade-in to reduce your amount financed or add a final lump sum balloon payment to reduce the loan repayments thus improving cash flow.

Chattel mortgage

A Chattel Mortgage is for any business or individual who is registered for GST that wishes to purchase a new or used vehicle which will be used predominantly for business purposes. This is a fixed loan that provides for the purchase of a vehicle in exchange for a series of payments. Like a CHP you can have a deposit or trade and have a final balloon payment to increase your cash flow.

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