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Car Leasing

Automotive Lease Packaging simplifies car leasing! Whether you are an individual, corporate or government agency looking to maximize your vehicle benefits, you can save thousands of dollars by using our specialised finance products and by leveraging off our many years of industry experience.

Finance Lease

Leasing is a sensible approach for any business or individual if the vehicle is used predominantly for business purposes. A finance lease gives you immediate use of the vehicle without having to arrange a deposit. Rentals are fixed for the term of the lease; Minimum residual values on vehicles are determined by the Australian Taxation Office, maximum residual values determined by the finance companies. Sometimes allowances can be made for cars that travel extremely high kilometers and they can have the residual percentage reduced.

Novated Lease

Every fulltime Australian employee should consider a novated car lease when purchasing their next vehicle. You can have a maintained package, which includes lease payments, fuel, registration, insurance, maintenance, roadside assist and tyres or our non-maintained finance only package.

A novated lease is an agreement that is made between a full-time employee, their employer and a car lease company. This arrangement then allows for a car to used privately, with payments made through an employee’s salary packaging.

In the majority of cases, it will be both cost effective and tax effective to have a motor vehicle as part of a remuneration package due to the concessional Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT) treatment of a motor vehicle under the FBT legislation.

Automotive Lease Packaging (ALP) simplifies a novated lease, providing clients with a professional and informative service. We tailor individual packages to individual needs taking into consideration taxation benefits, cost effectiveness and the most suitable vehicle requirements.

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